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Nashville, Tennessee


Sarah Darling's Patisserie making French Macarons made in Nashville Tennessee. Music City's Macaron. Have an event coming up? Get in touch at or follow us at @_sweetdarlings

The Story

The story of how a Country Girl went to Paris and came back with two loves… her husband and French Macarons!

Sarah Darling

I fell in love with Paris long before I ever went there. When I was a young girl, I would dream about walking these beautiful streets. Who wouldn't love a city of love, art, fashion and patisseries. I've always had a passion for French baking. Growing up, I always found so much joy cooking. Some of my favorite memories are in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother. My love for music took me to Nashville when I was 19, where I get to live out my dream everyday as a successful artist. I had made a commitment that I wanted to see France before I turned 30 years old. It turns out I got to live out that dream. When I went to Paris, I fell in love. 

Not only did I meet the love of my life James, but I fell in love with all the beautiful confections. I will never forget trying my first French Macaron. It wasn't like the macaroons I was familiar with growing up in a small town in Iowa. They were the most gorgeous things I had ever seen! Every beautiful color and flavor imaginable! Almost too pretty to eat. I still ordered all my favorites to try! The Salted Caramel changed my life. When James and I went back to Paris for the second time, we decided to take a French cookery class to learn how to make these beautiful creations!

This is where the dream of "Sweet Darling" was born. In our dreams we are based in a little cobbled corner of Montmartre in Paris but during waking hours we are based in Nashville, Tennessee. Even so we like to think that every bite of our delicious treats is like a little taste of Paris…


Sarah Darling