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Nashville, Tennessee


Sarah Darling's Patisserie making French Macarons made in Nashville Tennessee. Music City's Macaron. Have an event coming up? Get in touch at or follow us at @_sweetdarlings


How To Be Darling

Step into the world of How to be Darling – enjoying food, fashion, music, travel and all things sweet and darling!

French Fitness Tips!

Sarah Darling



“Cancel your gym session to have a drink with your friend who’s just been dumped.”

“Decide it’s great to get dumped, because falling in love again makes you lose your appetite, and in turn eat fewer calories—which defeats the need for that gym membership.”

“Eat croissants and buttered toast for breakfast—because it’s Saturday morning and you burned enough calories last night, damn it.”

All sound advice! Bridget Bardot would agree.  


10 Ways To Be More French

Sarah Darling


1) Begin your day with an espresso and croissant, fresh from the bakery!

2) Carry your groceries home in a trés cute straw shopping basket.

3) Wrap a scarf around the handle of your handbag.

4) Wear stripes

5) By achieving perfect French girl hair, think simple and understated. 

6) Swipe on red lipstick with an otherwise bare face.

7) Borrow your boyfriends blue button down and wear it with white jeans and a trench coat.

8) Go topless on the beach.

9) Trade your stilettos for a chic pair of ballet flats.

10) Eat bread and butter at every meal and skip going to the gym.

Et Voila!  

Et Voila!  



How To Be Parisian

Sarah Darling

Bonjour! I think by know everyone knows by now my love for Paris! I do write songs about the city of lights and make French macarons! A midwest girl who has traveled the world and can't get enough of Le eiffel.   I'm so excited to bring you my new blog "How To Be Parisian!" There's just something about the culture in France that I adore.  The way the women look! It's like everyone is walking out of Vogue. Also how on earth can you indulge in Brie and wine and still look like Giselle? The Parisian knows! Where cafes and streets hold so many secrets.  Where lavender fields thrive, and bread never tasted so good.  So if you like bicycles, baguette and stripes, this blog may be just for you. Think fashion, food, and just learning to have that certain je ne sais quoi. We will have a look at how these Parisians do it.  How to make the best grilled cheese you've ever had in your life. Audrey loved Paris and so do we! 


Sarah Darling